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       Title: MATZO BREI
  Categories: Breakfast, Jewish, Usenet
       Yield: 2 servings
       2    Matzot (plural of
       2    Eggs (or 3)
            Salt and pepper, to taste
            Oil or margarine
     1/4 c  Cottage cheese, well-
            -drained (optional)
   Break matzot into medium-sized pieces and place in
   colander or strainer. Pour boiling water over them and
   drain quickly (they should be slightly limp, not
   soggy). Mix together matzot, eggs and seasoning in a
   bowl. (You can add cottage cheese at this point.)
   Heat the margarine or oil in a frying pan, and pour in
   the mixture.  You can either (a) heat one side until
   brown, then flip over, like an omelette or (b) heat
   while continually stirring, like scrambled eggs (my
   tradition). Serve hot.
   *  Traditional Passover breakfast -- When I was
   growing up, the main thing that kept us kids happy
   about matzah-for-eight-days was my father making
   “matzah 'n' eggs” for breakfast nearly every morning.
   I didn't even know it had a “real” name. As I was
   beginning to stock my own kitchen, the very first
   Passover items I bought were a bowl, a colander and a
   frying pan. Yield: Serves 1-2.
   *  Any printed recipe for matzo brei that I've ever
   seen says “serve with honey or jam.”  However, in our
   family, this dish is considered a savoury, not a
   sweet, and we're much likelier to sprinkle a bit more
   salt and pepper on top.
   : Difficulty:  easy.
   : Time:  5 minutes.
   : Precision:  is to laugh.
   : Tovah Hollander
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