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       Title: Haroseth (Passover Sweets)
  Categories: Jewish, Passover
       Yield: 40 Balls
       1 lb Hazelnuts   (shelled)
     1/2 lb Almonds     (shelled)
     1/2 lb Dates       (pitted)
     1/2 lb White Raisins
   1.  In a processor, coarsely grind the nuts together.
   Add the dates and raisins.  Continue to grind
   everything together until you reach a consistency that
   is smooth but still has some texture.
   2.  Prepare balls of the mixture about 3/4-inch in
   diameter. Put each ball on a small square of wax paper.
   Serve when wanted during Passover.
   Passover is a difficult time for desserts since most
   sweets are “hamatz” or forbidden.  The Moroccan have
   solved part of the problem with these delectable dates
   and nut balls.