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   2      kilos beef with fat and bones
   2 cups of big white beans
   1.5 cups of kidney beans (dark brown)
   1.5 cups of chick peas (garbonzo, hommous)
   1.5 cups white rice washed 8 medium size potatoes
   6-8 eggs (in shell
   red paprika
   1 tablespoon honey
   2 big diced onions
   2 whole onions w/ skin
        diced parsley
   4 tablespoons of cooking oil
   1 cheese cloth (gauze or even handkerchief)
   1 big (very big) pot
   Directions: Soak all beans for at least 12 hours
   before cooking. Start cooking at 6:30 in the afternoon
   for Choulent ready next day at 12:30 or so.
   Sautee 1 diced onion till brown in oil. Add meat till
   brown, turn over a few times in pot. Take meat out and
   then reduce fire. Add layers (between every layer
   sprinkle with spices) of white beans, hommous beans,
   kidney beans, potatoes, meat. Strain rice. Mix rice
   with chopped parsley, paprika, salt, pepper and other
   diced onion. Place in cheese cloth and tighten it
   (take in mind that rice expands during cooking and so
   leave a little space in cloth). Place the rice in
   middle of pot. Cover with another layer of beans. Add
   the rest of the potatoes. Cover with water to about 4
   cm from edge of pot. Bring to a boil. Let simmer for
   about an hour on medium fire. Add eggs at room
   temparature (whole eggs w/ shell). Add honey, onions
   with skin. Reduce to minimum fire. Cover tightly with
   After 4 hours taste liquid and add spices if needed
   (add 1/2 a cup of water so spices reach bottom of
   pot). During cooking you may add water if needed (stew
   must be moist but not watery). Keep tightly covered at
   all times. If about 2 hours before serving time the
   stew seems too watery than uncover lid and increase
   fire so water can evaporate.
   Serving: Take eggs out and wash under cold water. Peal
   and cut in half. Take out rice bag and open with
   Enjoy (Watch out for the day after....)
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