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  Categories: Beef, Main dish, Jewish, Passover
       Yield: 8 servings
            -CHERYL GAVARD   (HWDP78B)
       2 lb Brisket
       1 c  Onions; thin sliced
       2 tb Chicken fat
       2 ts -salt; I use less about 1/2
            -pepper to taste
            -several small pieces
            -of marrow bone
       4 md Potatoes; cut in 4 pieces.
       1 c  Dry limas; soaked
            -in water overnight
            -boiling water
   Fry the onions in the fat until golden. Salt and
   pepper the meat and brown in fat on all sides. Turn
   the meat and onions into a 4 QT casserole with a tight
   lid. Arrange the marrow > bones around the meat. Also
   arrange the potatoes and the soaked limas. Add the
   boiling water to cover; using some of the water the
   limas were soaked in so that all is covered. Add More
   S&P if needed. I sometimes add a bit of garlic and
   some ginger. Cover tightly and bake either over night
   on a low oven of 250-275 or Cook on top of stove for
   3-4 hours simmering gently.
   Formatted by Elaine Radis; 1992