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  Categories: Side dish, Pasta, Jewish
       Yield: 5 servings
 -----------------------NOODLE DOUGH-----------------------
     1/2 ts Salt
       2    Eggs; slightly beaten
       2 c  Flour; unsifted,(scant)
            -OR- instead of making
            -noodles, buy Won-Ton
 ----------------------CHICKEN FILLING----------------------
       2 c  Cooked chicken; minced
       1 tb Onion; minced
       1    Egg
            Salt and pepper; to taste
 -------------------CHICKEN LIVER FILLING-------------------
       2 c  Broiled chicken livers
       2    Eggs; hard boiled
       1    Onion; small minced
            Salt and pepper
       1 tb Schmaltz; chicken fat
 -----------------------MEAT FILLING-----------------------
       2 c  MEAT; Cooked and ground
       1    Egg
       1 tb Onion; minced
            Salt and pepper
 ----------------------CHEESE FILLING----------------------
       3 tb Matzo Meal; OR bread crumbs
       1    Egg
       2 tb Onion; minced
            Salt and pepper
   NOODLES: This is a lost art. may I add that I usually
   use wonton skins and make life easy for myself; but
   once in awhile....
   1. Add salt to eggs, add eggs to flour. Mix with your
   hands until the dough leaves the sides of the bowl. It
   should be fairly stiff. Knead until dough is smooth
   and elastic.
   2. Roll out on a lightly floured board (or on a white
   cloth). Roll and stretch until it is paper thin...well
   very thin.
   3. Cut into 3 squares. Place one T of filling in
   center of each square and fold to make a triangle.
   Crimp edges with a fork and cook in boiling water. If
   you have a pasta machine (or I sometimes use a Food
   Processor) go for it.
   4. Cook until they rise to the top; about 10 or 12
   minutes. DO NOT COOK IN THE SOUP. You may warm them in
   the soup.
   FILLINGS. These days I zap all the ingredients for
   each type of filing in the Food Processor, leaving the
   eggs for last. For the cheese filling, you just want
   to combine the ingredients.
   NOTE: I would serve all but the cheese with Chicken
   Noodle soup or as an appetizer or side dish.. The
   Cheese Kreplach are usually served on the side (for a
   dairy meal) with sour cream. Each of these recipes
   makes about 30; figure at least 3 each
   SOURCE: A Jewish Mother’s Cookbook; Author, Elaine
   Radis; published on disk by ONE COMMAND SOFTWARE, 1995.