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       Title: Potato Pancakes,latkes
  Categories: Pancakes, Jewish, Potatoes
       Yield: 100 servings
 --------------------------KOSHER GOURMET COOKBOOK--------------------------
       4    Very large potatoes
       1    Egg
       1 tb Salt
       1 ds Pepper
       1 tb Flour
       2 ts Grated onion
     1/2 ts Baking powder
    Peel and grate potatoes. Drain off half the liquid. Add: egg, salt, pepper,
   flour, grated onion and baking powder. Mix very well. Drop by teaspoon into
   very hot oil (475 deg,) in skillet. Brown well on both sides.
   May be frozen by placing pancakes between layers of aluminum foil. When
   ready to serve, reheat uncovered, in 450 deg. oven until crispy. Serve with
   apple sauce.
       This method will give you 100 2 diameter pancakes.If you use a much
   larger spoon, cup, etc, you will of course get larger pancakes, less
   cooking and still the same delicious taste....