1/2 cup         Matza Mea
 1/2 tsp         salt
 3/4 tsp         powdered instant broth (chicken or veggie)
 2 Tbsp          chopped parsley (optional)
 dash            onion powder
 3               egg whites
 3 Tbsp          cold club soda
 Stir the dry ingredients together
 Stir egg whites, club soda, and parsley slightly with a fork and pour 
         over the dry ingredients.  Mix well and refrigerate at least one hour.
 Form into 8 balls (1 1/2 inch diameter) and drop into a large pot of 
 boiling slated water or broth.
 Reduce the heat and simmer, covered, for 30 minutes.  Do not remove the 
         lid during the cooking period.  Remove matza balls with a slotted
         spoon and serve in soup.
 I have not tried this recipe.  In general, though, matza balls keep
 well in the fridge, just warm them up before serving in soup.
 Source: The low-cholesterol Passover cookbook put out by the 
 “International” Havurah of Temple Emmanuel, Lexington, MA.