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       Title: Meurav Yerushalmi (Mixed meat, Jerusalem style)
  Categories: Meats, Israeli
       Yield: 1 serving
            ; Use only fresh meat
            ; Hebrew names given in []
            Spleen; [Tchol]
            Turkey’s eggs (meat)
            ; [Beitzey hodu]
            Livers; [Kaved]
            Egg yolks (meat); [Helmonim]
            Hearts; [Levavot]
            Beef kidneys; [Klayot bakar]
            Chicken breasts; [Hazze off]
            Calf’s hearts; [Lev egel]
            Flank steak; [Steak ayn]
            Turmeric; [Kurkum]
            Cardamom; [Hel]
            Cloves; [Tziporen]
            Curry powder
            Black pepper
            Ground coriander; [Cusbara]
            Baharat; a spice mixture
 MMMMM--------------------ADDITIONAL STUFFING-------------------------
            Amba (mango chutney)
            ; NOT the sweet type!
            Fried onion
            Dill cucumbers
            Pickled hot peppers
            Radish slices
 MMMMM----------------------PUT IT ALL IN...---------------------------
       1    Pita bread
   1) Use only fresh meat, not frozen.  Internal parts may be of chicken,
   turkey or beef, unless noted.  The more variation, the better.
   2) Leave the meat unrefrigerated for at least an hour.  Let it reach
   room temperature.
   3) Use a very very hot griddle, preheated and oiled.
   4) Grill meat and spices, stirring from time to time.  Lower the heat
   as needed to cook the meat thoroughly, rising it again periodically
   to char it.
   5) When the meat is done, fill the pita bread with meat, amba
   (chutney) and additions abundantly.  The pita should be really
   “Eating in Jerusalem,” recipes and stories edited by Sherry Ansky,
   1992. Translated from Hebrew and modified by Gabi Shahar, March 1996.