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       Title: Parve Schmaltz
  Categories: Jewish
       Yield: 6 servings
       1 lb Solid Vegetable Fat (500 g)
            -or Vegetable Lard
       1 lb Onions (500 g); sliced
       1 lb Carrots (3 cups/500 g);
            -washed; coarsely-grated
   1 1/2 pt Peanut or Sesame Oil (3
            -cups/750 ml)
   As far as I can tell the first commercially made vegetarian
   “schmaltz” was made in South Africa by Debra’s. Their advertising
   claimed that “even the chicken can't tell the difference”, which to a
   certain extent is true. Vegetarian SCHMALTZ is a good substitute. The
   product can easily be made at home. The following recipe comes from
   South Africa.
   Put all the ingredients in a deep pot. Heat gently and cook on low
   heat until the onion is golden. strain and keep in refrigerator.
   Sometimes grated apple (about 350g/12 oz) is included.
   From: In Search Of Plenty: A History Of Jewish Food (Kyle Cathie Ltd)
   By: Oded Schwartz