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                         -----CREAM CHEESE DOUGH-----
    8      ounces        Cream cheese (bar-type -- not soft type)
    1      cup           (2 sticks) cold -- unsalted
    2      cups          All-purpose flour
      1/4  teaspoon      Salt
      1/3  cup           Sour cream
    1      teaspoon      Water -- if needed
      1/2  cup           Sugar
    1      tablespoon    Ground cinnamon
    1      cup           Walnuts -- finely chopped
      1/2  cup           Dark raisins -- chopped
 Cut cream cheese into tablespoon-size pieces and let soften at room
 temperature.  Cut butter into small pieces of about 1/2 tbsp. and keep
 cold until ready to use.
 In a food processor, combine flour, salt and butter.
 Process with on/off turns until mixture resembles coarse meal. Add cream
 cheese and sour cream, distributing them fairly evenly over mixture.
 Process with on/off turns until dough just holds together.
 Add 1 teaspoon water if necessary.
 Wrap dough, press into a ball, and flatten to a disc. Refrigerate 4
 hours or up to 2 days.  Lightly butter 2 or 3 baking sheets. Mix sugar
 and for filling.
 Divide dough into 4 pieces.  Press 1/4 of dough to a round, then flatten
 it.  Roll it to a 9-inch circle about 1/8-thick. Sprinkle 1/4 of
 sugar-cinnamon mixture (about 2 tbsp.) all over circle, then sprinkle
 1/4 of nuts and 1/4 of raisins around outer edge of circle. Press with
 rolling pin so they adhere to dough.
 Using a heavy knife, cut circle in 12 wedges, making each cut with a
 sharp movement of heel of knife.  Roll up dough tightly from wide end to
 point; be sure filling is enclosed, since raisins can burn if exposed.
 Repeat process with other 3 piece of dough.
 Put cookies on baking sheets, with points of triangles facing down,
 spacing them about 1 inch apart.  Refrigerate while shaping more
 Refrigerate all at least 20 minutes before baking.
 (unbaked cookies can be frozen).
 Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Bake cookies 22 to 25 minutes, or until
 light golden.  Cool on racks.
 Yields: 48 small cookies Source:  Faye Levy’s International Jewish
 Cookbook, Warner Books, calls for walnuts.  Pecans may be substituted. 
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