Black Beans and Garden Tomatoes on Potatoes
 1.  Cook up black beans (proportions are whatever you like)
 (The more you rinse , the less undigestible sugars are left and I believe
 hot rinsing is best for this)
 2.  Go out to your garden and pick 10 or so ripe tomatoes and some cilantro and
 a couple hot peppers.  For those of you without a great garden, go to the
 corner farmers market and buy some.
 3.  Buy 12 or so ears of fresh corn at the same farmers market
 4.  Look in your cupboard and find some balsamic vinegar and cumin
 5.  Clean several potatoes
 Cook the corn (I let it steam for not even 1 minute- don't overcook!)
 and strip off the cob, chop the tomatoes (big hunks) and peppers
 (teeny bits), chop up the cilantro (I use alot),throw the beans into a
 big bowl, add the rest of the goodies.  Add cumin if you wish and more
 red pepper and toss in as much vinegar as you like.
 Bake some potatoes and put heaping spoonfuls of this good fresh stuff
 onto your potato.  I also add non-fat yogurt to mine.  This is
 delectable.  Try it.  And if you don't have that much time, used
 canned beans and corn.  It is still good but not quite AS good.