Date:    Fri, 19 Nov 93 10:26:05 CST
 From: (Cynthia J. Gibas)
 Chhole (chickpeas) with sundried tomatoes: yum!
 Last night I wanted to make Indian chickpea stuff (chhole) but I didn't have
 any real tomatoes.  But I did have a package of sun dried tomatoes, so I 
 used them instead, and got a thick, rich sauce that compensated well for the
 lack of the 6 T. of oil that I would have used last time I made this stuff
 (yuck, can't believe I ate that!).  This looks kind of complicated, because
 I am not good at making recipes appear simple, but it really takes only about
 1/2 hr starting from cooked chickpeas.
 2 c. dried chickpeas, soaked and cooked until tender.
 5 medium onions, minced or (if you want to save time) pureed.
 reserve about 1/4 c. onion, then saute (or reduce) onion in a wok or deep
 frying pan.
 Add:  3 oz. sun dried tomatoes plus several dried red chilies, rehydrated
 and pureed.  Cook for about 5 min.  You should have a thick, somewhat dry
 2 T. cumin (or more if you like)
 2 T. ground coriander seed
 stir for a minute or so and then add
 1 c. chickpea water, 
 1/2 t. turmeric
 2 t. (or more) garam masala
 enough cayenne pepper to make you happy with the hotness
 salt to taste
 stir and add chickpeas.  Simmer until the sauce reduces to a dry stuff that
 clings to the chickpeas.
 Coat with a mixture of:
 reserved chopped onion
 juice of 2 lemons
 one or more fresh green chilies, minced
 grated fresh ginger (start with a 1 piece)
 2 t. salt if desired
 serve over rice or bulgur