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  1. 7 Grain Vegetable Soup to Basil Blackeyed Peas
  2. Basil Blackeyed Peas to Black Bean Fiesta
  3. Black Beans to Budget Red Beans and Rice
  4. Bulger'n Bean Hot Dish to Cowpoke Beans
  5. Cowpoke Beans to Easy Way# 1 Of Making Couscous
  6. Easy Way# 2 Of Making Couscous to Hawaiian Baked Beans
  7. Hearty Red Beans And Rice to Lentil Loaf
  8. Lentil Nut Loaf to Mexican Beans And Barley
  9. Mexican Beans & Rice to Perfect Beans
  10. Pickles Beans to Refried Beans
  11. Refried Beans to Spanish Bulgur
  12. Spanish Bulgur to Three-Grain Medley
  13. Traditional Baked Beans to Zucchini-Apple Bulgur

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