Lentils and Cabbage with
 Vinegar Dijon Dressing
 1/2  Cup       lentils (green), uncooked and soaked
   1  Cup       water or stock, for cooking lentils
   4  Cups      cabbage, shredded
   4  cloves    garlic, finely minced (or more)
   3  Tbsp      red wine vinegar  (good quality)
 1-2  Tbsp      Dijon mustard  (good quality)
   1  tsp       salt
 1/2  tsp       ground pepper
 Place lentils on saucepan with 1 Cup of water or stock.  Bring to
 a boil, reduce heat ad simmer until tender, 30 or 40 minutes.
 (If using a salty stock, omit salt from dressing)  While lentils
 are cooking, mix together dressing ingredients.  Steam or
 microwave cabbage just long enough to make it tender.  Mix cooked
 cabbage and lentils and toss with dressing.  Serve immediately.
 Makes 2 substantial servings.