Date:    Wed, 10 Aug 94 20:55:58 EDT
 White Beans with Sage
 	There have been a number of good polenta is
 one that we enjoyed earlier this summer.  It was one of those hot
 days, so I chilled the polenta in a loaf pan, and just sliced it
 (without dry-frying or anything).  On top I put white beans and sage.
 It’s an adaptation of a recipe from Fields of Greens (called Warm
 Cannellini Beans with Sage, p. 270, for those of you with this
 	2 cans of your favorite white beans...
 	1 bay leaf
 	2 fresh winter savory or thyme sprigs
 	10 fresh sage leaves
 	1 med. yellow onion, cut into 1/2 inch pieces
 	salt and pepper
 	3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
 	1/3 C dry white wine
 	1/2 T parsley
 	Put the beans into a saucepan with the bay leaf, savory and
 two of the sage leaves.  Warm gently until you need them, so that they
 take in the herb flavors.  Remove the herbs and bay leaf, leave the
 beans in their broth.
 	While the beans cook, chop the remaining sage leaves.
 Water-saute the onion, 1/2 t salt, and a few pinches of pepper.  Saute
 (I'll probably use water next time; I tried wine, but I thought it
 made the whole thing to wine-y.) over medium heat until the onion
 begins to release its juices.  Add the garlic and sage; saute for
 about 10 minutes, then add the wine and cook for a minute or two,
 until the pan is nearly dry.
 	Add the beans and their broth to the onions along with 1/2 t
 salt and a few pinches of pepper.  Lower the heat and cook for 20
 minutes, adding alittle water if needed to keep the beans saucy.  Add
 salt and pepper to taste.  Add the parsley just before serving.