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                          Berry Leather and Chips
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   The ingredients may be a bit uncommon....but the theory is the same,
   matter what fruit you use, so make cherry leather...or orange
   leather...or....well you get the idea.
   PUREES, FRUIT LEATHERS & CHIPS: Fruit leathers are dried leathery
 sheets of
   pureed fruit. Fruit chips are made from crisp fruit leather that
   easily. Both have tangy, concentrated fruit flavor that makes them a
   favorite snack for anyone, especially handy to pack in a lunch or
   Much of the following information about making purees, fruit leathers
   chips and the individual recipes are excerpted and adapted from
   of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service Bulletin P-228, “Fruit
   PUREE: To make berry purees, rinse berries, drain, put in a blender
   blend until the consistency of thick puree. Most berries do not need
 to be
   cooked. Salmonberries and highbush cranberries have larger seeds and
   be put through a sieve after blending to remove seeds.
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