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       Title: Maple Caramel Apples
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       Yield: 1 servings
         1 lb dark brown sugar
     1 1/2 c  maple syrup
       1/2 c  heavy cream
         1 TB unsalted butter
        10    Granny Smith or other tart
   :          apples -- chilled
   In a deep heavy saucepan combine the brown sugar,
   maple syrup, and cream and cook the mixture over
   moderate heat, stirring and washing down any sugar
   crystals clinging to the sides of the pan with a brush
   dipped in cold water, until the sugar is dissolved.
   Bring the mixture to a boil and boil it, undisturbed,
   until a candy thermometer registers 250 degrees F.
   Remove the pan from the heat, add the butter, and
   swirl the pan gently until the butter is melted. Let
   the maple caramel cool for 5 minutes.
   Push a wooden skewer or chopstick through the length
   of each apple and holding the apples by the skewers
   dip the apples 1 at a time in the maple caramel,
   coating them well and letting the excess drip off. Put
   the apples on buttered baking sheets until the maple
   caramel is cool and firm. Serve the apples immediately.
   Yield: 10 caramel apple
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