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       Title: Cider Bugs
  Categories: Gift, Fruits
       Yield: 1 recipe
 -------------------------STEPHANIE BLESSING GFKK94A-------------------------
            Oranges; halved; pulp               2    Whole clove
            Removed                                  Tissue paper
            Brown sugar                              <<<OR>>>
            Cinnamon sticks                          Colored plastic wrap
            Whole nutmeg                   
   Cut oranges in half and remove the pulp as best you can. Dry the oranges in
   a 250 degree oven for abut 2 hours on warm. Allow to cool thoroughly. Mound
   brown sugar into the empty half shell. Use cinnamon sticks for legs along
   the sides (6 to 8 depending on the size of the orange). Just push into the
   A whole nutmeg is pushed into the sugar as the head with 2 whole cloves for
   Wrap in tissue paper or colored plastic wrap with instruction to just drop
   into two quarts of cider and heat through. My neighbors love these and ask
   for them year after year.
   Sally in W.V.
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