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       Title: Pressure Cooker Pickles
  Categories: pickles, vegetables
       Yield: 3 servings
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   Wash cucumbers.  (Do not cut off the ends)  Put in a crock.  Pour          
   boiling water over and let it cool.  Pour off water, cut ends and          
   in halves or fourths.  Place cucumbers in jars and mix syrup.              
   Syrup: 5 cups white vinegar 5 cups sugar 2 tb. salt 2 tb. mixed            
   spices (Put in cloth and remove OR you can substitute 6 whole              
   and 1 stick of cinnamon per jar or total)                                  
   Pour hot syrup over cucumbers and seal.  Place in your pressure            
   cooker and bring up to 5 pounds of pressure then shut off.  (Bring         
   you pressure cooker just to the point of spitting out steam, don't         
   let it steam) This recipe should make 7 quarts of cucumbers. Randy         
   From: Michelle Howe                   Date: 08-05-95 (07:03) ® (3)