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                         PFLUGERVILLE DILL PICKLES
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                         Fresh dill
                         Red peppers
   Put a sprig of dill in the bottom of quart jar. Pack
   cucumbers in jar. Place 1 clove garlic and 1 small red
   pepper in jar. Put 2 tablespoons of salt in jar.
   Make a brine:  add one cup vinegar to three cups of
   water and bring to a boil.  Pour solution over pickles.
   Seal jar and place in a pan of boiling water.  Be
   certain that the lids are covered with the water to
   ensure a good seal. When cucumbers begin to change
   from dark green to light green, remove from boiling
   water and cool. Let sit for a mimimum of two weeks
   before using.
                                  Origin: Atlan Pfluger,
                                          Pflugerville, TX
                               Shared by: John Poole, May
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