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                            PICKLED JALAPENOS-CH
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                         Fresh chiles
                         (jalapenos or serranos)
                         Garlic -- (1/4 head per
                         Spices in each jar:
    1                    Whole bay leaf -- up to 2
    2                    Cloves garlic
    2                    Whole peppercorns -- up to
    1                    Little piece  cinnamon
      1/4   ts           Mustard seed
                         White vinegar
                         (1/2 gallon for 8 1-pint
   In response to the question how to preserve Jalapenos
   (or any other chile). The following is the recipe I
   obtained originally from my cooking class in high
   school in Mexico, but I made some modifications
   because the chiles were allways too cooked. As to how
   tro dry chiles, that is a question that can be
   answered only by experimenting, since as a mexican I
   am use to find any kind of chiles any time in the
   market very cheap, and I would think most of the
   mexicans wouldn't know how to dry them.... Any way, I
   have a very good recipe for chipotles (dry jalapenos)
   once I am able to understand how this system works...
   Please note that I don't give the exact amounts
   because they would vary depending on what you want to
   get, but keep in mind that the important thing always
   would be the spices.
   Slice the carrots in rounds. Brake the coliflower in
   small pieces and cut the onions in chunks. I cut
   garlics in such a way that the teeth? are in halfs. I
   like to use entire chiles but I always punch them with
   a toothpick, so the flavor comes out. If you want you
   can slice them in longitudinal cuts, which is the
   traditional way. I heat a little bit of oil (like 3 or
   4 tablespoons) and place all the vegetables at the
   same time and mix everything until all the vegetables
   are covered with a thin layer of oil. Then I fill the
   jars with the vegetables (the jars by then already
   have the spices and salt). Apart, I heat the vinegar
   and when it is boiling I pour it over the vegetables.
   I close the jars (following the traditional preserving
   instructions) and let them boil closed for 15 minutes.
   I let stand the pickles for at least a week.  Before
   coming to the states I preserved in this way like 5
   jars with only fresh  “piquin chiles” and I have been
   using them for the last year, by adding here the
   vegetables, this works wonderful, because we have had
   very flavorful picles for long time. I hope you enjoy
   this recipe.
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