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       Title: Candied Dill Pickles
  Categories: Pickles
       Yield: 3 quarts
       3 qt Home style dill pickles (not
       5 c  Sugar
       3    Bay leaves
       1 pt Vinegar
       6    Whole cloves
   Slice pickles lengthwise and soak in cold water
   overnight. Next day, make syrup and bring to boil.
   Drain water off pickles and turn hot syrup over them.
   Let stand overnight. Next day, drain syrup off
   pickles. Pack pickles in jars.  Boil syrup 10 mins.
   and pour over pickles while hot.
   Source:  Peggy Young in the Siesta Key Pelican
   (2/17/94) :: MM by Sue Woodward
 and if you have extra dill seed..