Cook Potatoes and mash them
 Leave on low heat and add a little potato water 
 and sprinkle corn meal in with your hand 
 keep adding a little water and then the corn meal
 It takes about 3 cups of water and a cup or so of the corn meal
 Cut up an onion and put it in the skillet where you have a couple of sticks
 of butter, 
 But let the butter get brown before adding the onions
 Add it to the potatoes
 When the onions are cooked a little on low heat in the butter keep stirring
 so it dont burn.
 Add a cup of Sharp  Cheddar Cheese and on low heat, keep stirring until all
 is cooked well.
 You can sprinkle with pepper.
 Notes: My grandfather brought this recipe over with him from Storo Austria,
 now Italy in 1905.