I created this the other night and it tasted great.  As usual, this
 is a very simple recipe.  I found the the textures and taste of the
 three main ingredients to be very complimentary.
   The recipe is for two servings (great for single folk - I never
 prepare less than two servings) but should scale well.  I would not
 consider the servings a full main dish but it would work well together
 with servings of beans or couscous, for example.
 1/2 cup polenta (fine cornmeal, for those who always ask ;-)
 1+1/2 cup water
 8 large mushrooms (I used “gourmet” brown button mushrooms)
 10 sun-dried tomato slices, dry packed (...used Trader Joe’s s.d. Romas)
 hot chile pepper to taste
 balsamic vinegar
 Basic Polenta
  - boil the water then drizzle the polenta into the swirling water.
  - mix in the pepper cover and simmer for around 10 minutes, stirring
  - pour mixture into a loaf pan (glass??) and let cool off.
  - Bake basic polenta in oven at 425 (F) for 20-30 minutes, turning once.
  - chop mushrooms
  - preheat a small frying pan using a medium flame, add balsamic
    vinegar as if it was oil (I am more generous with it than with oil),
    add mushrooms, stir, cover, and reduce flame to low for 10-15
    minutes.  Shake pan occasionally to mix.
  - steam the sun dried tomatoes for around 5 minutes to rehydrate them
  - chop sun dried tomatoes and add to mushrooms.  Add water or
    balsamic vinegar if necessary (the mushrooms release alot of liquid in
  - pour the “sauce” over the polenta and serve.
 The tomato/mushroom mixture is not really a sauce - by the time it’s
 done there is little or no liquid left.  Perhaps an adventurous person
 can try to work on that (add veg. stock & thickener?), it may be
 better as is, though.
 I prepared the polenta at the beginning of the week and refridgerated
 it until making the rest of the recipe.  The basic polenta should keep
 for a week with no problem.