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       Title: Mushroom Fried Rice
  Categories: Savoury, Main dish, Rice
       Yield: Serves 4-6
       1    Onion
       1 cl Garlic
     200 g  Mushrooms
       1 c  Frozen Peas
       3 tb Oil
       1 ts Curry Powder
       1 ts Ground Tumeric
       1 ts Ground Cumin
       4 c  Rice, cooked
       1 ts Salt
 Peel onion & chop roughly. Crush garlic, peel & chop. Wipe mushrooms & slice.
 Place peas in a bowl & cover with boiling water. Heat oil in a wok or frying
 pan. Add onion, garlic & mushrooms & toss for 1 minute. Add curry powder,
 tumeric & cumin. Toss to combine. Add cold rice & salt, tossing often until
 coloured & heated through. Drain peas & add to rice mixture. Cook for 4
 minutes, often. Serves 4-6.
 Note: Add canned fish, leftover meat or hard-boiled eggs to this for a
 complete main meal.
 Source: NZ Woman’s Weekly 3 August 1998