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       Title: Kai’s Unfried Rice
  Categories: Low fat, Rice
       Yield: 1 servings
   3 c  Uncooked brown rice 1 Green pepper, chopped 1 Red, yellow or
   orange pepper Chopped ( I use all Sometimes) 2 Packs of Dried Shitake
   Mushrooms or 2 packs of Fresh 1 lg Onion thinly sliced 1 bn Scallions
   Garlic - fresh or dried (to Taste) Ginger - fresh or dried (to Taste)
   Lite teryaki sauce Lite soy sauce Rice wine 1 pk Fried Rice Seasoning
   (mccormick or la choy.....)
   Marinate Mushrooms: Cut mushrooms into thin strips and add appx. 1/4
   cup of Rice wine, teryaki, garlic and ginger  Let stand 1 hour to
   Cook rice in rice cooker.
   Heat non-stick skillet till very hot. Throw in veggies and more diced
   fresh garlic, ginger and pepper.   (High heat with NO oil brings out
   flavors in veggies, according to Chef Prudhomme)
   Stir quickly, as they begin to become tender add rice wine a little
   at a time, just to prevent sticking/burning, not enough to make the
   veggies soggy.
   Throw the cooked rice from the rice cooker into a big bowl, throw in
   the veggies, toss around.
   Add chopped scallions (uncooked, the heat from the other stuff is
   Toss about to evenly distribute ingredients.
   Add the Fried Rice Seasoning Packet,  Toss and serve.
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   Donna Webster