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       Title: Plain White Rice
  Categories: Rice, Wok
       Yield: 2 cups
       2 c  Rice
   PLace two cups of dry rice in a pot which has a very well-fitting
   cover. Wash the rice in cold water, rubbing the rice with your hands
   to remove excess starch. Pour starchy water out, rinse rice with cold
   water. Wash and rinse rice a second time. Add enough water to cover
   the rice to a depth of 1/2-3/4". If you like your rice fluffy, add
   3/4 of water. If you like your rice drier, then use less water.
   Place lid over rice pot. Allow the rice to stand in the pot 1/2 hour
   before cooking.
   1. Turn the burner of your stove on the highest setting. Place pot of
   rice over it. Allow rice to come to a full boil. Allow it to boil for
   about 4-5 minutes. Then turn the flame of the burner down to the
   medium setting. Allow the rice to boil a further 5 minutes. UNDER NO
   CIRCUMSTANCES should you lift up the cover to peer at the rice, as
   this causes the steam inside the pot to disperse. For this reason
   your resultant rice may come out raw at the top.
   2. After cooking rice on medium heat for 5 minutes, reduce your burner
   flame to its lowest point and allow rice to steam 15 minutes or more.
   NOW cook whatever wok dish or dishes that you wish to serve with the
   3. Just before serving time, take a large spoon and fluff rice up.
   NOTE: Do not be alarmed if some of the water and steam foam out of the
   pot, this is a part of rice cookery.