Date:    Fri, 17 Sep 93 15:45:00 PDT
 From:    J. Ari Kornfeld <>
 I never measure rice because I was taught by a chinese guy: just pour
 the rice into the pot/cooker, add enough water to go above your nail
 but below the first joint (around 1", 2.5 cm?) and cook.  This really
 works for me.  For this recipe I added a bit more liquid to account
 for the coucsous.
  Approximate ingredients:
 4 parts white rice
 1 part whole wheat couscous
 kitchen-sink veg. broth (it’s a sweet broth)
 soya sauce to taste (very little)
 Throw it all in the cooker, cook, then eat!
 This would probably work with brown rice but I'm not sure what the
 extra cooking time would do to the couscous, which usually needs only
 five minutes so even the twenty minutes for white rice is alot.