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       Title: Pumpkin  Rice & Apricots
  Categories: Fruits, Harned 1994, Rice/grains, Side dish, Russian
       Yield: 1 batch
       3 tb Butter
       1 md Onion; peeled & fine chopped
       6 c  Cubed, peeled pumpkin*
     3/4 c  Dried apricots; chopped
       1 ts Salt; or to taste
     3/4 c  ;Water
       1 c  Cooked rice
   *Or can substitute butternut or buttercup squash or sweet potatoes.
   Melt butter in a wide skillet over medium heat.  Add onion and cook,
   stirring occasionally, until it begins to brown.  Peel and cube
   pumpkin to about 1 pieces.  Add pieces to skillet as you prepare it.
   Stir to coat with butter.
   Chop apricots and add to skillet along with salt and 3/4 cup water.
   Cover and simmer the mixture 15 minutes.  Add cooked rice and cook 10
   minutes more, or until pumpkin is tender.  Stir often as it cooks.
   Yield: 6 to 8 servings.
   Fritschner writes: “In the pumpkin and apricot dish..., the natural
   sweetness of pumpkin, dried apricots and onion all play off each
   other to make a subtle side dish.  The original recipe came from
   Sonia Uvezian’s _Cooking from the Caucasus_, which has several
   recipes using pumpkin as a savory side dish or addition to a main
   dish.  It isn't quick to prepare, but it’s delicious.”
   From Food Editor Sarah Fritschner’s 10/19/94 “Pumpkins: Beyond Pie”
   article in “The (Louisville, KY) Courier-Journal.”  Pg. C4.  Posted by
   Cathy Harned.