Date:    Thu, 10 Nov 94 12:03:48 EST
 I found and adapted this from New York Magazine (10/31/94).  I made it for
 dinner last night and it was great.  I suppose you could substitute canned
 pumpkin, but I used fresh.
 The keys to a good risotto are the type of rice - it must be a very starchy
 rice - and patient and constant stirring as you add the liquid.  It may sound
 like a lot of work, but I think the results are well worth the effort.
 Pumpkin Risotto - Serves 6
 3 c pumpkin flesh, peeled and cubed
 4 shallots, chopped
 5 c chicken-like or veggie stock
 2 c arborio rice (Japanese rice also works)
 .5 tsp powdered saffron (optional)
 1 c dry white wine (sub. water or stock)
 1 Tbs fresh sage
 salt & freshly ground black pepper
 Wrap cubed pumpkin in foil and bake at 350o for 30 min.  While it is baking,
 saute shallots in a little white wine, water or stock.  In a seperate pan,
 bring the stock to a boil, then reduce heat to simmer.  Puree pumpkin and set
 aside.  Add rice to shallots and cook 2-3 minutes over moderate heat stirring
 frequently.  Add wine and saffron and cook, stirring constantly until all the
 lquid has been absorbed.  Add the pumpkin and 1 c stock stirring constantly.
  After that is absorbed, add the stock 1/2 cup at a time stirring constantly
 until absorbed until the rice is cooked (about 15-20 min).  If you run out of
 stock add hot water.  The risotto should be thick and creamy in consistensy
 and just a little runny.  When done remove from heat, add the sage, salt and
 pepper to taste.  If you want to add 1/4 c grated parmesan it would add 1
 gram fat/ serving.
 Serve with white wine and crusty Italian bread.