Date:    Thu, 07 Jul 94 11:05:26 CDT
 From:    Jeanne Chappell <>
 This is an easy/good recipe for Spanish Rice:
   1 chopped onion            |  Saute' in water till tender
   1 chopped green pepper     |
   1 C uncooked rice
   1/2 C canned tomatoes with green chilies (I use the diced Ro*Tel brand)
   1/4 t ground turmeric
   1 t ground cumin
   salt (orginal recipe calls for 1/2 t salt - I do not add salt)
   1 3/4 C water (original recipe calls for 2 C - I like my rice drier)
 Add remaining ingredients to onion/green pepper
 Bring to boil - Reduce heat and simmer till rice is done
 (time will vary according to kind of rice used)
 I have used both long grain brown rice and long grain Uncle Bens Converted Rice
 (preferred by daughter) - both are good.
 I frequently double the recipe and dump in the whole can of
 green chilies (10 oz)