Date:    Fri, 10 Sep 93 10:12:51 CDT
 From: (Zoe Jobson)
 My husband enjoyed this - which is quite something since when I met him I had
 difficulty making him eat anything that didn't have some meat in it. It was
 going to be zuchini rissoto but I coulnt' find any in the supermarket - so I
 made a 1st forry into squash (I'm English - they cost a lot over there so I'd
 never tried one).
 Ingredients for 2
 1 small squash - I think mine was a butternut - not sure they were all mixed
 in together and I don't know which is which
 1 3/4 cups 10 minute brown rice
 2 cups mixed frozen veg
 1 veggy stock cube (Or whatever your favorite rice flavouring is).
 Liquid (about 2 cups)
 seasoning - pepper and chinese 5 spice
 Peel the squash and cut into lumps about 1nch cubes. Put them under the
 broiler to toast.
 Boil the rice with liquid and flavoring
 Heat up a large fry pan and scold the mixed veg on it with no liquid.
 When the squash is browned to your taste put it in the microwave with a couple
 of spoons of water and zap until tender - mine took about 4.5 mins.
 While the squash is zapping mix the now cooked rice in with the mixed veg.
 Stir in whatever seasoning you feel like using.
 it should now be on a low heat - just to keep everything warm.
 When the squash is done toss it in and mix it up - and serve.
 Salt or soy sauce or whatever to taste.
 it took about 15-20 mins to do - I did spend some time figuring out exactly
 what I should do with the squash  - like did I eat the rind or what! I there
 an easy way opr peeling one ?
 It got a YUM from my husband (I get silence, nice or yum)