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  Categories: Poultry, Ceideburg 2
       Yield: 4 servings
            Herb vinaigrette (see below)
            Truffle juice vinaigrette
            -(see below)
      32    Asparagus tips
      50 g  Chanterelles   (cleaned)
      12 qt Breasts
       1    Or 2 uncooked yellow
            -zucchini (sliced into 48
            -very thin circles)
       1 lg Tomato (brunoised)
      15 g  Frisee lettuce (cleaned)
      12    Italian parsley leaves
      30 g  Truffle (sliced into 12
            -very thin circles)
            Seasoning - salt, pepper,
            -chicken stock
            White wine
   The remaining recipes are Western and somewhat Frenchified to my eyes.
   They're “nouveaux” at the very least.  Little dabs of food artfully
   arranged here and there on a plate, sometimes connected by skeins of
   sauces.  Expensive too.  This one calls for chanterelles and 30 grams
   of truffles, a little over an ounce.
   Establishment: The Regent Hotel (Hong Kong) Salisbury Road,
   Tsimshatsui, Kowloon. Western Cuisine Practical Class Gold Award -
   Hors d'oeuvre Chef: Patrick Lin (The Regent Hotel)
   To prepare: 1. Make herb vinaigrette from onion, chives, Italian
   parsley, parsley and a pinch of tarragon, all finely chopped
   together.  (Keep some chopped herbs aside to use in chanterelles
   preparation - see below.) Add salt, pepper, walnut oil, sherry and
   vinegar, according to taste.
   2.  Make truffle juice vinaigrette from bottled truffle juice, salt,
   olive oil and vinegar.  (For both vinaigrettes recommended ratio of
   oil to vinegar is 2:1.)
   3.  Cut asparagus tips off stems with slanting cuts (so that they will
   stand up at an angle in central garnish.)
   To cook: 1. Lightly salt chanterelles and saute over a low flame in
   butter, with a drop of white wine, a few drops of chicken stock, and
   a mixture of the same herbs that were used to make herb vinaigrette
   (see above).
   2.  Reduce sauteed mixture completely, and then marinate chanterelles
   in herb vinaigrette for 30 minutes.
   3.  Clean quail breasts and season with salt and pepper.  In a
   restaurant kitchen they would be grilled - for home cooking, pan-fry
   in hot melted butter quickly for about one minute top and bottom
   until they are golden brown all over.
   To present: 1. Create central garnish by arranging a wheel of eleven
   overlapping yellow zucchini slices, placing a small heap of tomato
   brunoise on one central slice.  Place asparagus tips pointing
   outwards from centre.
   2.  Create three distinct islands of chanterelles topped with frisee
   lettuce and Italian parsley.  Place three truffle slices between
   chanterelle islands and lay one quail breast on each.  Pour a little
   truffle juice vinaigrette over quails and central garnish, and a
   little herb vinaigrette over lettuce.
   Makes 4 servings.
   From “Champion Recipes of the 1986 Hong Kong Food Festival”.  Hong
   Kong Tourist Association, 1986.
   Posted by Stephen Ceideberg; October 28 1992