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       Title: Sparkling Salad
  Categories: Salads
       Yield: 6 servings
         1 pk lime gelatin powder
         1 c  water
         7 oz lemon-lime soda
         1 c  applesauce
   :          Garnish: ---
   :          grapes -- frosted, * see
   :          note
   :          mint sprigs
   * To make frosted grapes for decorations: Beat an egg
   white until frothy. Dip the grapes into egg white then
   immediately roll in sugar, preferably superfine, and
   then lay on waxed paper until dry. Use tinted sugar
   for more color variety.
   SALAD: 1. Place lime-flavored gelatin into bowl; add 1
   cup very hot water and stir until gelatin is
   completely dissolved. Blend in a 7-ounce bottle of
   lemon-lime carbonated soft drink. Chill this mixture
   until consistency of unbeaten egg whites. 2. Lightly
   oil a decorative 1-quart mold with vegetable oil; do
   not use olive oil. Invert mold to drain off any excess
   oil. 3. When gelatin is somewhat thickened, add 1 cup
   thick applesauce. Blend quickly. Pour mixture into
   mold and chill until firm. 4. Unmold onto serving
   plate and surround mold with frosted grapes and sprigs
   of mint.
   Recipe By     : Jo Anne Merrill