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       Title: Cucumber Salad
  Categories: Polkadot, Lisa, Indian, Vegan, Appetizers
       Yield: 4 Servings
       1 sm Carrot
       3 md Cucumbers
       2 tb Lemon juice
     1/2 ts Black pepper
     1/8 ts Chili powder
       1 tb Butter or oleo
       1 pn Salt
       1 tb Coriander leaves, fresh
   Peel and shred carrot.  Peel and slice cucumber.
   Blend lemon juice, black pepper, chili powder, butter, and salt.
   On a salad plate, arrange cucumbers in two layers.  Pour seasoned
   lemon juice over each layer.  Sprinkle top layer with carrots and
   coriander leaves.
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   * Posted by LISA on 08-03-95