Winter Cabbage Salad
 2 Large Heads of Cabbage
 3 Red Bell Peppers
 3 Yellow Bell Peppers
 4 Orange Bell Peppers
 2 Large Hot Red Banana Peppers
 2 Large Hot Yellow Banana Peppers
 10 Large Cooking Onions
 2 Large Carrots
 2 1/2 Cups of Water
 2 1/2 Cups of Pickling Vinegar
 2 Cups of Corn Oil
 1/2 Cup of Sugar
 1 teaspoon Turmeric
 From the submitter:
 This is my Polish Grandma’s old country recipe and it is probably the best 
 salad I  have ever eaten. It’s kind of hard to describe exactly how it tastes 
 because it’s a combination of flavours but it certainly is delicious. Great 
 as a side dish for Christmas Dinner or Easter but I eat it all the time. I 
 guess you could describe it as a combination of spicy sauerkraut with the 
 texture of cole slaw.
 Clean and prepare all the vegetable for the food processor, you can do this 
 with a hand shredder but I wouldn't want to, too much work. Shred all the 
 vegetables in a food processor and throw into a 5 gallon pot, mix thoroughly 
 and cover with ½ cup pickling salt. Leave on the counter overnight to ferment 
 (very important step). The next day, you will need another 5 gallon pot or 
 empty the ingredients into a canning pot, clean the 5 gallon pot and add;
 Bring the brine ingredients to a boil, stirring occasionally to mix well, when 
 they begin to boil well add the cabbage mixture and bring back to a boil. 
 Cook for 15 minutes.
 While you are waiting for the cabbage to boil, prepare 15 jars for canning, 
 you can do it the traditional way of boiling them for 5 minutes if you wish, 
 I put my jars, 10 at a time in the microwave with a little water in each for 
 5 minutes and it seems to do the same thing, a little easier though and I 
 boil the lids and rings for 5 minutes.
 When the cabbage mixture has boiled for 15 minutes shut it off and pack the 
 mixture in the hot jars, fill with the brine and use the end of a wooden 
 spoon to get the air bubbles out and seal. No further processing is needed as 
 the food is cooked, leave jars on a dry dishcloth on the counter top to cool, 
 you will here them pop, which means they've sealed. Store them in a cold dark 
 place such as a cold cellar until ready to use.
 When you are ready to serve, put a jar in the refrigerator the night before 
 you want to use it as it is best served chilled.