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 Broccoli’s Answer to Potato Salad
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 Serving Size:   1
 Preparation Time:       0:00
 Categories:     Salads & Dressings      Vegetables      =
 Amount  Measure Ingredient      Preparation Method
                 broccoli flowerets      steamed
                 hard-boiled eggs        cubed
                 celery  sliced
                 green onions    sliced
                 green olives    sliced
                 mayonnaise      =
                 sour cream      =
                 plain yogurt    =
                 salt and pepper to taste
 Cut broccoli into bite-sized flowerets.  Steam until crisp-tender.  =
 Place in a large bowl.  Cut cold hard-boiled eggs into bite-sized =
 dice.  Slice celery on the thin side; cut wide end of stalks in half =
 before slicing.  Slice green onions, both whites and firm first few =
 inches of green part.  Slice green onions - the kind stuffed with =
 pimiento.  You can also use green salad olives, which are already =
 chopped up; drain.  =
 To make dressing:  Combine any combination of mayonnaise, sour cream =
 and/or yogurt to make a dressing to suit your taste.  Experiment with =
 the new reduced fat and low fat versions.  Stir to make thin enough to =
 use as a dressing; if necessary thin with a few spoonsful of milk or =
 lemon juice.  =
 Toss together vegetables and dressing.  Refrigerate until serving =
 time.  =
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 Here is another one with no particular measurements, because I've =
 never had a recipe written out for it.  It is one of those things my =
 mom made when I was a kid.  All you need is some bread or rolls to =
 make it a full meal.  This particular salad should be eaten as soon as =
 possible after it is made.  It tends to get limp if it sits around; I =
 think the acidic lemon on the lettuce does that.  But if you start out =
 with refrigerator-cold veggies, this is the most refreshing thing.  I =
 make it by the vat on those hot humid days when you hardly want to =
 eat, and it always gets devoured.  And most of us don't even really =
 like tuna!