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       Title: Fruit Salad with Nuts
  Categories: German, Salads, Vegetables
       Yield: 4 servings
       1 ea Honeydew melon; small               2 ea Oranges
       1 c  Blue grapes                         1 x  Lettuce leaves
 	  12 ea Walnut halves			    1 x 
       8 oz Yogurt; (1 container)               1 tb Lemon juice
       1 tb Orange juice                        1 tb Tomato catsup
       2 tb Evaporated milk                     1 x  Salt; dash
       1 x  White pepper; dash             
   Scoop out melon with melon baller.  Cut peel from oranges, remove white
   membrane, and slice crosswise.  Cut grapes in half and remove seeds. Line a
   glass bowl with lettuce leaves; arrange melon balls, orange slices, grapes,
   and walnuts in layers on top of lettuce.  Mix and blend well all
   ingredients for the dressing.  Adjust seasonings. Pour dressing over fruit.
   Let salad ingredients marinate for 30 minutes. Toss salad just before