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       Title: Ranch Style Taco Salad
  Categories: Salads, Main dish, Mexican
       Yield: 8 servings
            Head of Lettuce
       1 lb Can Ranch Style Beans
       1 pk Corn Chips
       2 x  Avocados
       2 x  Tomatoes
       1 lb Cheddar Cheese
            Bottle Catalina Dressing
       1 lb Ground Beef
       2 tb Lemon Juice
        Saute ground beef, drain well and set aside to cool.  Tear
   lettuce into pieces.  Dice tomatoes and onion.  Grate cheese.  Drain
   beans.  Break corn chips into smaller pieces.  Chop avocado and
   sprinkle with lemon juice, lightly tossing to coat.
        Toss together all ingredients except corn chips.  Top with chips
   just before serving.