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       Title: Salsify with Truffle Coulis
  Categories: Emeril, Vegetables, Ethnic, Am/la
       Yield: 6 servings
       1    Black truffle
       1 tb Olive oil
       2 tb Truffle oil
       2 ts Water
            Salt and pepper
            Reserved fois gras with
       3 c  Salsify; diced small,
            Bottle of truffle oil to
       2 tb Chives; chopped
            Black pepper
   Slice the truffle. In saute pan, heat the olive oil.
   When the pan is hot, saute the truffles for 30
   seconds.  Remove from the heat and puree in a food
   processor.  While the machine is running add the
   truffle oil and water.  Season with salt and pepper.
   In saute pan, heat the fois gras fat and shallots.
   Add the salsify.  Saute 2-3 minutes or until the
   salsify is heated through.  Stir in the truffle
   coulis.  Season with salt and pepper. Slice the fois
   into 6 slices.  Spoon the salsify and coulis onto a
   plate. Lay the fois gras directly on top.  Drizzle
   truffle oil around the plate. Garnish with chives and
   black pepper.
   Source: Essence of Emeril, #EE2328, TVFN
   formatted by Lisa Crawford, 5/11/96