6 leaves curly kale
 	1 can (approx. 16 oz) ready-cut tomatoes in juice
 	Italian-style seasonings to taste (1/2 tsp mixed oregano, basil,
 		and rosemary is a good place to start)
 Cut or tear kale into bite-sized pieces.  Place in a colander and rinse 
 under running water.  Don't drain too thoroughly, as you want a fair bit 
 of water to remain on the leaves.  Place the washed kale into a non-stick 
 frying pan on medium heat.  Stir as the leaves wilt.
 When the leaves are wilted but not completely tender (they should be a 
 brilliant green at this point), add the ready-cut tomatoes, reserving the 
 juice.  Sprinkle the spices over the pan and continue to stir for a few 
 moments, until the tomatoes are heated through.
 Add reserved tomato juice to taste; adding a lot will make a soup-like 
 dish, while adding a little will make more of a traditional side dish.