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                4th Menu: Fourth of July Feast On the Grill
 Recipe By     : Skinny Grilling by Barbara Grunes
 Serving Size  : 4    Preparation Time :0:00
 Categories    : Grilling                         About
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
                         **Skewered Shrimp and Cherry Tomatoes
                         **Chickpeas and Carrot Salad
                         **Grilled Salmon Steaks -- with
                         **Bell Pepper Sauce
                         **Rosemary Potato Wedges with Salsa
                         **Blueberry Summer Pudding
 Almost everyone has an early recollection of how the Fourth of July was
 celebrated his or her home town. I remember how my father provided
 fireworks for the neighborhood and what my mother prepared for dinner. She
 would say: “There should be red, white, and blue food.” Usually it would be
 salmon, mashed or baked potatoes, and a blueberry cobbler or pie for
 dessert. Now, with the popularity of the grill, the following five recipes,
 which constitute a family meal, might be appropriate. Thanks, mom, for the
 Making your Fourth of July meal on the grill presents some logistics
 problems that would not occur in your inside kitchen. But, as always, the
 secret of unchaotic meals is to prepare as much as possible ahead of time.
 In this case, you can skewer the shrimp, make its chili mop, and
 refrigerate both in the morning. The salad and red salsa for the potatoes
 can also be prepared in advance, and the potatoes themselves scrubbed and
 parboiled. As for the blueberry pudding, it should be made the day before.
 When it’s time to start your grill on the Fourth, first prepare the bell
 pepper sauce for the salmon and refrigerate it until needed. Next grill the
 skewered shrimp appetizers and get everyone started while you put on the
 potato wedges. After they're cooking, add the salmon steaks to the grill so
 both dishes are done together. Retrieve the sauces from the fridge, serve
 up the salad, and let the feast begin.
 Menu for four: 1133.5 CALS, 18.7 G FAT, 14.4% CFF
 Skinny grilling / by Barbara Grunes,  Surrey Books (1995)  Barbecue,
 Lowfat, Diet  | McVersion by PATh 
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