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  Categories: Cyberealm, Breads, Christmas
       Yield: 6 servings
   1 1/8 lb Flour
       7 oz Sugar
       1 pn Salt
       1 ts Vanilla
       1 ts Lemon juice
       4 tb Rum
       1 pn Cardomom (generous)
       1 pn Mace (generous)
       2    Eggs
   4 1/2 oz Butter
   4 1/2 oz Currants well drained
       9 oz Sultanas
       9 oz Almonds, finely chopped
   3 1/2 oz Candied lemon peel
   1 3/4 oz Butter for brushing
       2 tb Powdered sugar for dusting
   1 3/4 oz Beef drippings
       9 oz Cottage cheese, well drained
   Mix and sieve together the flour and baking powder
   onto a pastry board or cool slab. Make a well in the
   center and pour in the sugar, vanilla, rum, lemon
   juice, and the eggs. Draw in some flour from the sides
   of the well to mix with these and form a thick paste.
   Add the cold butter, cut into small pieces, the finely
   chopped beef drippings, cottage cheese, currants,
   sultanas, nuts and candied peel. Cover the fruits with
   more of the flour, and then starting from the middle,
   work all of it together quickly with your hands into a
   firm, smooth paste. If it should stick, add a little
   more flour. Form the mix into a long, oval shape, and
   then fold it over lengthwise to give it the
   traditional “stollen” shape.
   Line a baking dish with greased waxed paper and place
   stollen on this.
   Preheat the oven for 5 minutes at 500F. Then bake at a
   moderately hot over (375F) for 50-60 minutes. As soon
   as the stollen comes out of the oven, brush with
   melted butter and dust thickly with powdered sugar.