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  Categories: Candies, Holiday
       Yield: 1 Servings
 -------------------------------TREE ORNAMENTS-------------------------------
            Plastic wrap
            Pkg.’s M&M’s
            Pipe Cleaner
 ------------------------------CHRISTMAS WREATH------------------------------
            Same ingredients as ornament
            - but also a wire coat
            - hanger
   TREE ORNAMENTS: Cut plastic wrap into 6-inch squares. Gather corners and
   twist tightly.  Secure with pipe cleaner. Cluster individual balls into one
   large one, connecting each ball with the adjoining pipe cleaner. Tie
   “curling” ribbon around the cluster to form a loop at the tops. Tie two
   10-inch strands of ribbon at the bottom and curl. Hang on the tree with the
   loop ends.
   M&M CANDY WREATH: Make cluster balls the same way as the candy tree
   ornament clusters, using plain or peanut M&M’s. Form a circle from a wire
   coat hanger, the hook forms the hanging loop. Attach cluster balls to the
   hanger with pipe cleaners.  Tie a large bow at the top of the wreatn.