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       Title: HAM HEAD
  Categories: Posted/mm, Format/may, Pork/ham, Unusual, Kids
       Yield: 1 Serving
       1    Round ham slice
       1    Hard-boiled egg; cut in half
       2    Long slices dill pickle
            Red pimento
       7    Black olives
       2    Baby carrots
            String cheese
   Lay ham on plate.
   Cut small slice off back of each egg half so egg sits
   flat. Place eggs on ham for eyes. Lay pickle slices on
   ham for mouth. Cut pimento in thin slices and place on
   whites of eggs for bloodshot eyes. Lay 5 olives inside
   pickles for teeth. Cut round ends off 2 olives. Place
   in centers of egg yolks for pupils of eyes. Place
   carrot on each side of ham slice for ears. Lay strips
   of string cheese above ham to make hair.