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                            Jack-O-Lantern Cake
 Recipe By     : Duncan Hines, Treasury of Baking
 Serving Size  : 16   Preparation Time :0:15
 Categories    : Holidays
   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
 --------  ------------  --------------------------------
   18 1/4  ozs           reduced fat white cake mix
    2      lbs           reduced fat vanilla frosting
    2      drops         green food coloring
    1      whole         ice cream cone -- with flat bottom
    2      drops         yellow food coloring
    2      drops         red food coloring
 Prepare, bake, and cool cake according to package directions.  Except make 
 the cake in  10-cup fluted tube pan with ridges (to resemble a pumpkin). 
 Measure 1/4 cup vanilla frosting into small bowl. Tint  with green food 
 coloring. Place ice cream cone upside down on waxed paper. Frost with green 
 frosting. Refrigerate. Tint remaining frosting with yellow and red food 
 coloring until frosting is desired shade of orange frosting in small bowl.  
 Frost cake with orange frosting. Add green food coloring to make brown 
 frosting. Make eyes, mouth, and nose with brown frosting as desired on 
 pumpkin. Place green frosted ice cream cone in center hole of cake for stem.
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