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                               Nuclear Waste
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    1                    measure       blue curacao
    1                    measure       Bailey’s Irish Cream
                         top up with one pint cider -- (or lager if you
 The end result is a sort of greenish-brown liquid with scummy bits floating
 in it and a THICK layer of scum on top. Tastes wonderful, though,
 especially if you dunk chocolate bars in. (These are referred to as Control
 Rods, and the bar of preference is a Toffee Crisp, if only because the
 crisped rice pieces start floating around in the drink and making it look
 even nastier)
 The nuclear wastes I've seen mix blue curacao and orange juice (and vodka).
 Turns everything a very nice shade of fluorescent green
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