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  Categories: Desserts, Halloween
       Yield: 1 Servings
            Red jello mix
            Cool whip
            Karo syrup
            Dk red wine or grape juice
   Here is the outline for something I saw this morning on Geraldo (by
   accident) that was done by Penn & Teller.  It’s more of a macabre
   show-off desert, but I laughed my head off when I saw it.
   Okay, start off by making some Jell-O, preferably strawberry or
   cherry or some other flavor that’s naturally red.  But, use two to
   three times as much Jell-O mix as you normally would, to thicken up
   the consistency. After this is mixed, stir in some cool whip, and
   pour it into your favorite standard party mold (the dome kind would
   be good).
   Get a CLEAN plastic bag (inside and out) and place in it some Karo
   syrup. Now add something like a very dark red wine, or grape juice.
   What you want is a semi-thick VERY dark red (opaque) liquid which
   looks not unlike blood. Starting to get the picture yet?
   Okay, now place this bag in the mold, so that the bag is still
   floating on top.  Keep in mind that you want the Jell-O plus the bag
   to completely fill the mold, but have a level surface, as this thing
   is going to flip over later on.  Put it in the fridge, and allow it
   to chill and set.
   When you take it out of the refrigerator, you should decorate it a
   little. Try drizeling some chocolate glaze on top and poping a couple
   of strawberries or cherries on top of this.  Allow to set if
   necessary, and then bring it out to your dinner guests.
   At this point, your dinner guests will probably be oo'ing and ah'ing
   over this rather nice dessert you've brought out to them.  Make sure
   you've got that big pointy butcher knife in one hand as you set this
   beauty down on the table.
   Now you get to play Norman Bates:  cut into the side of this, making
   sure you go deep enough to cut into the bag real wide.  As you
   continue to cut out a piece of the geltin mold, the bag will leak
   into this, and your bewildered guests will think your dessert is
   _BLEEDING_. Not to disappoint them, cut out one of these bloody
   pieces of geletin and plop it down on a plate.  If you're lucky, it
   will look like a recently-extracted body organ.
   Yes, this is gross.  Yes, I wouldn't bring this to the typical dinner
   party.  Yes, I probably have a *very* warped sense of humor.  But, I
   laughed quite loudly when I saw this being done by Penn & Teller.  At
   the very least, it might be fun for a Halloween party... :-)
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