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                              Potty Jello etc
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 Purchase the plastic bowl that fits in a child’s potty training chair (they 
 sell them at places like KMart).  Wash the bowl and prepare lemon jello per
 package directions.  Float miniature O-Henry bars in it, refrigerate, and
 serve.  Get the picture?
 Next fun recipe.  Have you ever seen a recipe for Aquarium Jello?  You take 
 blue jello, make it in a clean glass aquarium bowl.  Float gummy fish and 
 plastic people for swimmers and plastic plants and stuff.   Well, what we'd
 do for a Halloween party would be to make a Toxic Aquarium.  Mix orange and 
 blue jello to get a sickly shade of green.  Lifesavers make old tires and you 
 can toss in other junky things for trash on the bottom of the sea.  Something 
 barrel-shaped for that illegally dumped toxic waste.  Float your fish 
 upsidedown on top, and add a plastic skeleton or two.  Haven't figured out 
 a good way to put something on the bottom to represent the sand, tho
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