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                                Spider Cake
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 Take your average cake mix.  Bake it up in 2 metal bowls--1 bigger than
 the other.  One unmolded, cut the bigger one (the “body”) in half,
 horizontally.  CAREFULLY scoop out an adequate cavity in each half.
 FILL with well-whipped set green Jello, and reattach the halves.
 Frost black, arrange on serving platter. Use licorice stix as legs.
 Use 2 BIG green gumdrops and 6 little ones as eyes.  When the cake is
 cut into, it spurts green goop, just like a real spider when stepped on
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 NOTES : Another good cake.  I would modify this one by using two round pans,
        cutting a smaller circle out of one and using it as the head and
        the hole left over.  Place the other layer on top, and trim to shape